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Hill-Rom (153)
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Furniture Division

For ten years, Piedmont Medical Inc. has been dedicated to providing excellence in refurbished hospital beds and stretchers. In order to meet the special needs of hospitals, assisted living facilities, doctors offices and recovering patients; it became evident that adding furniture to the equation would bring more value to the customer. The furniture items offered are designed to complement patient rooms, common areas, waiting rooms, office and dining areas and can be purchased with no minimum requirements. Because we understand the importance of style and design, Piedmont Medical offers a variety of finishes and fabrics to meet the interior requirements of our customers. To compliment the beds and furnishings offered, Piedmont Medical ensures prompt and reliable sales and service support.ist of Our Products:


-Rom 1120 Advance Bed

Hill-Rom 1140 Adv Bed
Hill-Rom P1900 TC Bed-Air Only
Hill-Rom P3600 Affinity I
Hill-Rom P3200 VersaCare 200
Stryker 5010 Birthing Bed
Stryker 2025 ICU bed
Stryker 3002 Secure II Zoom
Hill-Rom 425 Bed
Hill-Rom 426 Bed
Hill-Rom 820 Bed
Hill-Rom 8200 Patient Care Bed
Hill-Rom 822 Bed
Hill-Rom 8350 Patient Care Bed
Hill-Rom 1050 Bed
Bed Reconditioning 850 or 852
KCI BariKare Bariatric Bed
Stryker 2030 Epic
Stryker 2501 TLG10 GoBed Plus
Hill-Rom 723 Bed
Hill-Rom P1900 TC Scale Only
Hill-Rom 895 ICU Bed
Hill Rom P3700 Affinity III-V
Stryker FL23E Electric Beds
Hill-Rom 1104 Advance Bed
Hill-Rom 835 Century Bed
Hill-Rom P1400 Century Plus
Stryker 3000 Secure
Hill-Rom 896 ICU Bed w/scale
Hill-Rom P3600 Affinity II
Hill-Rom P3700 Affinity III-U
Hill-Rom 892 ICU-CCU Bed
Hill-Rom 1062 Centra Bed
Hill-Rom 837 Century Bed
Hill-Rom 1130 Adv Bed w/air
Hill-Rom P1900 No Air/No Scale
Stryker 2500 FL17E GoBed
Hill-Rom 842 Century Bed
Stryker 3002 Secure II-Scale
Hill-Rom 840 Century Bed
Hill-Rom 1115 Adv Bed w/scale
Hill-Rom 852 Centra Bed
Stryker 2040 Epic w/Zoom
Hill-Rom 840 Non-Post
Stryker 3002 Secure II
Hill-Rom 8500 Bed
Hill-Rom 8400 Bed
Hill-Rom P1600 Advanta w/Scale
Hill-Rom 1100 Advance Bed
Hill-Rom 1165 Adv w/scale/air
Hill-Rom 894 ICU Bed w/scale
Hill-Rom 1145 Adv w/scale/air
Hill-Rom 1060 Centra Bed
Hill-Rom P1900 TC w/Scale/Air
Stryker 3000 MPS Bed
Hill-Rom 1105 Adv Air/Scale
Hill-Rom 1135 Adv Bed w/air
Hill-Rom 1155 Adv Bed w/air
Hill-Rom 1105 Advance Bed
Stryker 3002 Secure II EX
Hill-Rom 850 Centra Bed


Hill-Rom 880 GPS Stretcher
Hill-Rom 885 GPS Stretcher
Hill-Rom 8030 TranStar Fixed
Stryker 1711 Str. Big Wheel
Stryker 1030 ER Warming
Stryker 1050 Stretcher
Stryker 1501 Stretcher-B.W.
Stryker 1066 H&N Stretcher
Stryker 1067 Stretcher
Stryker 944 Stretcher
Stryker 926 Stretcher
Stryker 1002 Stretcher
Stryker 1007 Stretcher
Midmark 510 Stretcher
Midmark 550 Stretcher
Hausted 462 Horizon
Hausted 578 Eye Stretcher
Hausted 615
Hill-Rom 8050 TranStar OBGYN
Hill-Rom 882 GPS Stretcher
Hill-Rom P8040 Trauma 700lb
Stryker 1231 Stretcher
Stryker 1731 Stretcher
Stryker 1710 Stretcher
Stryker 1069 Stretcher
Stryker 966 Stretcher
Stryker 720 Stretcher
Stryker 1005 Stretcher (SM104)
Stryker 735 Stretcher
Stryker 1015 Stretch(SM204) BW
Midmark 535 Stretcher
Midmark 540 Stretcher
Midmark 545 Stretcher
Midmark 530 Stretcher
Midmark 555 Stretcher
Hill-Rom 1301 Stretcher
Hausted 800 Uni-Care III
Hill-Rom P8050 OBGYN Stretcher
Hill-Rom P8020 (700lb)
Stryker 1068 Stretcher
Stryker 660 Atlas Stretcher
Midmark 515 Stretcher
Midmark 520 Stretcher
Hausted Converge Stretcher
Stryker 1530 ER Warming
Stryker 946 Stretcher
Stryker 1020 Stretcher-BW
Stryker 1231 Stretcher BW
Stryker 1711 Stretcher
Hill-Rom 883 GPS Stretcher
Stryker 1510 Stretcher
Stryker 945 Stretcher
Hill-Rom 8020 TranStar
Stryker 1550 Stretcher
Stryker 1020 Stretcher
Stryker 1211 Stretcher
Stryker 1509 Stretcher
Stryker 1009 Stretcher
Hill-Rom 8000 TranStar
Hill-Rom 8040 TranStar Trauma
Stryker 1210 Stretcher
Stryker 1501 Stretcher
Stryker 721 Stretcher
Stryker 1010 Stretcher
Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair
Stryker 1001 Stretcher


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What's New from PMI    PMI

  Piedmont Medical Inc.

   & The Revolution Bed

Byron Wurdeman founded Piedmont Medical Inc. (PMI) in 1992 in the spare bedroom of his house in N.C. When Medical Dealer last reported on the company in 2010 ....



  • The Revolution Bed : The final stages before going for FDA approval and scheduled for launch in 2013



hill-rom beds, stryker beds, used hill-rom beds, reconditioned hill-rom and stryker beds for sale at the best price


Item Description Hill-Rom Hospital Beds Misc Furniture Mattress
500-1 Pediatric Crib Stretcher Air Shield PM 78-1 1001 Lounge Chair 24x75x4 Stretcher Pad
Adel 2100 Birthing Bed Air Shield TI167-1 T/Incubator 1002 Loveseat 24x77x4 Stretcher Pad
Adel 4700 Birthing Bed Amsco 1080M OR Table 510 Corner Table 26x75x4 Stretcher Pad
Adel 500 XL Birthing Bed Amsco 2080 Pads 510FSCT Coffee Table 27x75x4 Stretcher Pad
Adel LD500 Birthing Bed Amsco 2080L OR Table 510FSET End Table 27x77x2 Stretcher Pad
Adel LD500 Birthing Bed Amsco 2080M OR Table 511 Tandem Chair 29x75x4 Stretcher Pad
Beta Stretcher Amsco 2080RC OR Table 512 Two Chair Tandem Bed Rent. Foam Matt. 36x84x5
Borning Genesis Birthing Bed Amsco 2080RCIA OR Table 512LS Bariatric Loveseat LS-9000 Custom
BW 362 Amsco Polaris Light 5342-10 Chair Mattress 6500-GLP-3 Entrapment
BW Alpha 1 Beds Amsco Warming Cabinet 5343-10 Chair Mattress for King Pride Bed
BW Alpha 3 Beds Baxter 6200 IV Pump 535 Caremor Recliner Mattress, ICU 1100 32x78
BW Alpha 5 Beds Baxter 6300 I.V. Pump 573 Blood Draw Chair Mattress, ICU 500 32x78
BW Alpha Manual Beds Burdick Elite ECG 5740-20 Loveseat Mattress, ShearCare 1100 36X80
Hausted 1060 SB Stretcher Clay Adams Ultra-Flo 100 BPC 5765-10 Chair Mattress, ShearCare 1100 36x83
Hausted 462 Horizon Dinamap 1846 SX  W/P 690 Care Cliner Mattress, ShearCare 1100 36X84
Hausted 578 Eye Stretcher Dinamap 1846 SX BP 69017M1 Dialysis Chair Mattress, Shearcare 1500 32x78
Hausted 626 Dinamap 8100 Armoire Mattress, ShearCare 1500 36X84
Hausted 678 Stretchers Fisher X-Ray Table Bedside Cab A/F 7200 1Dw/1Dr Mattress, ShearCare 500 36x80
Hausted 800 Futura 2120 Bedside Cab A/F 7300 3Dw Mattress, ShearCare 500 36X84
Hausted 826 Kendells SCD Pumps 5325 Bedside Cabinet S/F-F. Maple Mattress, ShearCare 6500 36X84
Hausted 827 Manometer Bedside Cabinet S/F-Gun Wal Mattress, ShearCare 900 36x84
Hausted 893 Legacy Stretcher Marquette Mac 6 ECG Bedside Cabinet S/F-Light Oak Pressure Care Mattress
Hausted APC Stretcher Chair Medsystem III Pump Bedside Cabinet S/F-Med Oak Redux Mattress
Hausted Converge Stretcher Nellcor 1000 BP Bedside Cabinet S/F-W Cherry Redux Versacare Mattress
Hausted ICU Bed Ohio IC Incubator Bedside Cabinet Scenic 3drawer  
Hausted OB-GYN Over Bed Lights C16-21 Recliner  
Hausted VIC Stretcher Chair Physio Control Life Pak 10P C27-10-20 Scroll Arm Chair  
Hill-Rom 1000 Bed Physio Control Life Pak 6 C277R50 Recliner  
Hill-Rom 1060 Bed Physio Control Life Pak 6s C51-5 Guest Chair  
Hill-Rom 1062 Bed Quinton 4000 w/ Q55 Treadmill C540-40 Healthcare Wing Chair  
Hill-Rom 1100 Bed Shampaine 1900RC OR Table C5668-10 Highback Chair  
Hill-Rom 1110 Bed w/scale Simmons C5669-10 Highback Chair  
Hill-Rom 1120 Stethoscope, Fore Bell Type C5763-10 Chair  
Hill-Rom 1130 Bed Total Lift II C7845-20 Loveseat  
Hill-Rom 1140 Bed Valleylab 4B ESU End Table  
Hill-Rom 1320 Recliner Chair Zeiss Opmi 99 Microscope H402R50 Recliner  
Hill-Rom 2000 Bed   H5764-10 Guest Chair  
Hill-Rom 410 Bed   Hill-Rom 630E Overbed Table  
Hill-Rom 420 Bed   Hill-Rom Overbed Table PM Jr.  
Hill-Rom 425 Bed   HN374 Guest Chair  
Hill-Rom 426 Bed   HN4062 Corner Table  
Hill-Rom 430 Bed   HN4063 Straight Table  
Hill-Rom 440 Bed   HN4069T Ganging Connectors  
Hill-Rom 450 Bed   HN4071 Arm Chair  
Hill-Rom 480 Bed   HN4073 Armless Guest Chair  
Hill-Rom 55 Bed   LS242 Groton Arm Chair  
Hill-Rom 550 Bed   Monitor Cabinet  
Hill-Rom 715 Bed   New High Back Chair  
Hill-Rom 718 Bed   O/B Table 4850U EX Split-Top  
Hill-Rom 720 Bed   Open Arm Chair  
Hill-Rom 723 Bed   Overbed Table 4528U  
Hill-Rom 815 Bed   Overbed Table 4528U W/Vanity  
Hill-Rom 820 Bed   Overbed Table 4828U  
Hill-Rom 8200 Bed   Overbed Table A/F 1010H  
Hill-Rom 821 Bed   Overbed Table A/F 1100H  
Hill-Rom 822 Bed   Overbed Table A/F 1100H W/Van  
Hill-Rom 830 Bed   Sc. Fix. Labor & Delivery Cart  
Hill-Rom 831   Task Chair  
Hill-Rom 832 Bed   Used Bedside Cabinets  
Hill-Rom 835   Used Overbed Table  
Hill-Rom 837   Used Patient Chair  
Hill-Rom 840   Wardrobe-English Oak  
Hill-Rom 8400 Bed   Wing Chair  
Hill-Rom 841 Bed   Z540-40 Highback Chair  
Hill-Rom 842      
Hill-Rom 843      
Hill-Rom 850      
Hill-Rom 8500 Bed      
Hill-Rom 852      
Hill-Rom 892 ICU-CCU Bed      
Hill-Rom 894 ICU Bed w/scale      
Hill-Rom 895 ICU Bed Air System Only      
Hill-Rom 896 ICU Bed w/scale      
Hill-Rom Advance 1104 Bed      
Hill-Rom Advance 1105 Bed      
Hill-Rom Advance 1115 Bed w/scales      
Hill-Rom Advance 1135 Bed      
Hill-Rom Advance 1145 Bed      
Hill-Rom Advance 1155 Bed      
Hill-Rom Advance 1165 Bed w/Scale      
Hill-Rom Advanta P1600 Bed      
Hill-Rom Affinity 4 Birthing Bed      
Hill-Rom Affinity I  Birthing Bed P3600/P3601      
Hill-Rom Affinity II Birthing Bed P3600/P3601      
Hill-Rom Affinity III Birthing Bed      
Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Bed      
Hill-Rom Century Plus P1400      
Hill-Rom DuraStar 8005 Hydraulic Stretcher      
Hill-Rom DuraStar 8035 Fixed Height Stretcher      
Hill-Rom Genesis Birthing Bed      
Hill-Rom GPS 803 Stretcher      
Hill-Rom GPS 880 Stretcher      
Hill-Rom GPS 881 Stretcher      
Hill-Rom GPS 882 Stretcher      
Hill-Rom GPS 883 Stretcher      
Hill-Rom GPS 884 Stretcher      
Hill-Rom GPS 885 Stretcher      
Hill-Rom GPS 886 Stretcher      
Hill-Rom Residential Bed      
Hill-Rom Total Care Bed System P1900      
Hill-Rom Total Care SpO2rt Pulmonary Therapy System      
Hill-Rom Total Care Sport      
Hill-Rom Transport Stretcher      
Hill-Rom TranStar 8000 Procedural Stretcher      
Hill-Rom TranStar 8010 Head/Neck Surgical Stretcher      
Hill-Rom TranStar 8020 Electric Stretcher      
Hill-Rom TranStar 8030 Fixed      
Hill-Rom TranStar 8040 Trauma Stretcher      
Hill-Rom TranStar 8050 OBGYN Stretcher      
Hill-Rom Versacare 200 Bed      
Hill-Rom Versacare 220 Bed      
Hill-Rom Versacare 230 Bed      
Hill-Rom Versacare 255 Bed      
Hill-Rom Versacare 430 Bed      
Hill-Rom Versacare 455 Bed      
Hill-Rom Versacare 730 Bed      
Hill-Rom Versacare 755 Bed      
Invetecare 5000 Bed      
Jewett Morgue Stretcher      
Joerns 55 beds      
Joerns 660 beds      
Keymed Stretcher      
King Pride 3/4 Bariatric Bed      
Med-Mizer Bed      
Midmark 1800 Stretcher      
Midmark 510 Stretcher      
Midmark 520 Stretcher      
Midmark 525 Stretcher      
Midmark 527 Stretcher      
Midmark 530 Stretcher      
Midmark 535 Stretcher      
Midmark 540 Stretcher      
Midmark 547 Stretcher      
Midmark 550      
Midmark 555      
Midmark 900      
Reliance M700/701 H & N      
Ritter 104 Exam Bed      
Stretcher (MC35L)      
Stryker 1000 Stretcher      
Stryker 1001 Advantage Stretcher      
Stryker 1002 Stretcher      
Stryker 1009 Advantage Stretcher      
Stryker 1010 Stretcher      
Stryker 1020 Stretcher      
Stryker 1030 ER Warming      
Stryker 1050 Stretcher      
Stryker 1060 OB Stretcher      
Stryker 1066 Stretcher      
Stryker 1067 Stretcher      
Stryker 1068 Stretcher      
Stryker 1069 Eye Surgery Stretcher      
Stryker 1080 Stretcher      
Stryker 1210 Stretcher      
Stryker 1211 Stretcher      
Stryker 1231 Stretcher      
Stryker 1500 Stretcher      
Stryker 1501 Advantage Stretcher      
Stryker 1509 Advantage Stretcher      
Stryker 1510 Stretcher      
Stryker 1530 ER Warming      
Stryker 1550 Stretcher      
Stryker 1710 Stretcher      
Stryker 1711 Stretcher      
Stryker 1990 ICU bed      
Stryker 1998 ICU bed      
Stryker 2020 ICU bed      
Stryker 2025 ICU bed      
Stryker 2040 Epic Bed      
Stryker 360 Stretcher      
Stryker 5000 Birthing Bed      
Stryker 5010 Birthing Bed      
Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair      
Stryker 720 Transport Stretcher      
Stryker 721 Transport Stretcher      
Stryker 916 Stretcher      
Stryker 919 Stretcher      
Stryker 921 Stretcher      
Stryker 925 Stretcher      
Stryker 926 Stretcher      
Stryker 927 Stretcher      
Stryker 930 Stretcher      
Stryker 931 Stretcher      
Stryker 935 Surgicare      
Stryker 938 ICU bed      
Stryker 944 Stretcher      
Stryker 945 Stretcher      
Stryker 946 Stretcher      
Stryker 960-2 Stretcher      
Stryker 962 Stretcher      
Stryker 965 Stretcher      
Stryker 966 Head and Neck Surgery Stretcher      
Stryker 967 Stretcher      
Stryker Cot 6070-LX      
Stryker Epic II Critical Care Bed      
Stryker Epic Zoom      
Stryker GoBed II      
Stryker Gynnie 1061 OBGYN Stretcher      
Stryker LD304 Maternity Bed      
Stryker MPS 3000      
Stryker Secure 3000      
Stryker Secure II      
Stryker Stretcher      
Suntec Electric Beds      
Tabbert Stretcher